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Quables, the Co-founder of the famous dance group, Dance With Purpose (DWP) Academy has opened up about the events leading to the exit of a former member, Afronitaa.

Afronitaa, a former member of the group exited in January this year after several rumours went rife about her exit.

In a short video clip posted on X by Youtuber, Kwadwo Sheldon, Quables disclosed that Afronitaa declined several times to sign a contract with DWP.

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Quables explained that although he had good intentions for the dancer and wanted her to reach a peak in her career, her mother constantly barged DWP with accusations and blamed Quables for poor management.

According to him, Afronitaa received payment during her stay at the academy contrary to the rumours.

He recalled during his interview with Kwadwo Sheldon that Afronitaa’s mother once threatened him her daughter will exit the academy if he continues to manage her colleague, Endurance Grand.

“They never signed the contract, every time I present the contract, they don’t sign. Her mother told me that people say this is what a manager is supposed to do and I am doing this and that.

“I was told that if I will manage Endurance then her daughter will not do it again, her mother told me…First of all, you didn’t sign the contract and now you are telling me this.

“On phone call, she will be like when people call you, stop giving Afronitaa’s job to Endurance Grand,” Quables told Kwadwo Sheldon.

Afronitaa after exiting DWP recently launcher her dance academy, Afrokids Star Academy purposely meant for training kids with interest in pursuing dance as a career.