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Richard Jakpa, the third accused in the ongoing ambulance purchase trial, has revealed that Big Sea Limited, the company responsible for delivering the ambulances, has suffered significant financial losses.

Mr Jakpa attributed these losses to the government’s failure to honour the terms of the contract and clear the ambulances in a timely manner.

He explained that Big Sea Limited had shipped the necessary accessories for the ambulances as per the contract requirements.

However, the government did not complete the clearance process, causing delays and financial strain on the company.

He emphasised that Big Sea had fulfilled its obligations and should not be held responsible for the government’s inaction.

In his testimony, Mr Jakpa highlighted that the government’s failure to meet its contractual obligations was the primary reason for the financial difficulties faced by Big Sea.

He argued that the company had acted in good faith and had done everything required to ensure the ambulances were delivered according to the agreed terms.

Furthermore, Jakpa refuted allegations made by the Attorney-General that he received 50% of the contract sum.

He categorically denied these claims, stating that he did not receive any such payment and that the accusations are baseless.