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Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates in the North Tongu District have been instructed not to wear shoes or belts during their exams.

This directive, issued according to officers from Ghana Education Service (GES), aims to curb examination malpractice. They were however allowed to wear sandals.

At St. Kizito Senior High School, one of the designated examination centers in the district, GES officials emphasized the necessity of strict adherence to this directive. According to the officials, the prohibition of shoes and belts is a preventive measure designed to maintain the integrity of the examination process by minimizing opportunities for cheating.

However, the directive has not been well-received by all students. Some candidates have expressed discomfort and dissatisfaction, noting that they are unaccustomed to wearing sandals and dressing without belts. They argue that these changes have negatively affected their comfort and concentration during the exams.

Despite these concerns, the GES officials remain firm on the enforcement of the directive, underscoring its importance in ensuring a fair and credible examination environment.

By Joseph Armstrong Gold-Alorgbey