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The leadership of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association failed to appear before the National Labour Commission (NLC) for a hearing on their concerns.

According to CLOGSAG, the NLC is not properly constituted, thus will find it difficult to appear before it.

This compelled the Commission to postpone hearing of the matter to next week.

However, the Commission has indicated it will officially write to challenge the perception of CLOGSAG on the impropriety of the Commission.

“They were part of those that nominated them, I wrote a letter from this office when the term of the previous commissioners has expired, I wrote to them, CLOGSAG was given a copy, the Ghana Federation of Labour was given a copy, the TUC was also given a copy and ICU.  So, all the known labour unions met and nominated the people, so why are you now challenging,” Mr Ofosu Asamoah, Executive Secretary of the NLC said.

Meanwhile, the Commission has directed CLOGSAG to call off its strike without delay.

“We direct them to call off the strike because is unfortunate,” he said.

Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations Dr Festus Awuah was concerned about the impact of the strike.

“Is not an action that any government will be very pleased with”.

CLOGSAG is demanding the implementation of a new salary structure for its members.