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As the nation gears up for the pivotal December 7 polls, the spotlight falls on the Ayawaso East Constituency, which encompasses communities like Nima, Maamobi, Kanda and its environs.

Nestled in the heart of the constituency is the most populous zongo in Accra, Nima which stands out as its capital.

Nima is known for its bustling markets, rich cultural diversity, and vibrant community life, yet beneath the surface, residents grapple with a host of persistent challenges such as lack of proper drainage systems, poor roads, crime and security issues, unemployment and others.

We engaged with the electorates to explore their hopes and concerns and primarily the pressing issues that bother them.

“You can’t buy porridge if you don’t have GHC10 to GHC20 cedis now. Even (wele) hide is more than GHC5.”

“The youth engage in unscrupulous activities because of lack of jobs. They said they will develop the Zongo community, but we haven’t seen much. It would really benefit us if they stayed true to their words.”

“Everything is expensive at the market even toffee. I know who I will cast my vote for.”
“I haven’t seen any improvement. Nima is congested and I’ve seen the government has started constructing roads in between but time is not on their side.”

The Ayawaso East Constituency is known as a stronghold for the NDC. Since 1996, the NDC has consistently secured the parliamentary seat up to the 2020 elections where Naser Mahama Toure, the NDC parliamentary candidate, won with 61.18% of the votes, while the NPP’s Peter Mireku Kwame Antwi received 38.82%.

Naser Mahama Toure has represented Ayawaso East in Parliament since 2012. He will become the longest-serving MP in the constituency’s history if he wins the upcoming December polls.

But what will inform the choice of a candidate in the December 7 election?
Some residents in the constituency spoke with the news team.

“We are really suffering. I have never seen a country suffer like this. The leaders should focus on doing something better with the money and for the generations to come.”

“As you can see, we are suffering. We pray for a good government, a fair and peaceful election.”

The people of Ayawaso East constituency have spoken and as they prepare to exercise their democratic right, the aforementioned are the pressing issues that will undoubtedly be at the forefront of their minds.

By Sarfoa Boahene