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The Ghana Nurse-Midwife Trainees’ Association (GNMTA) says its members are financially strained and demoralised due to the delayed release of their allowance.

The situation is having untold hardship on the students as they are struggling to afford their academic needs and daily living.

“The reinstatement of the trainee nurses’ allowance was a significant and commendable decision aimed at supporting our members during their crucial training period.”

“However, the current delays undermine this objective, causing undue financial strain and demoralisation among trainees who rely on these funds for their sustenance and academic needs,” a statement issued by the Association on Tuesday, June 25, said.

It further called on the “Ministry of Health, the government and all relevant authorities to act swiftly to resolve this matter,” saying that it “is imperative that the allowances be disbursed without further delay to fulfill the purpose for which they were reinstated.”

Despite acknowledging some part-payments made to some of the members of the Association, especially first, second and third-year trainees, the GNMTA noted that the promised payment schedule has not been fully honored.

“As stated by the Honourable Minister of Health, the 2022 batch was scheduled to receive their arrears on May 23, followed by the 2023 and other batches. Regrettably, these payments have not been made.”

“Furthermore, we must highlight that the 2017-2020, 2018-2021, 2019-2022, and 2020-2023 batches have yet to receive any portion of their allowance. This situation is unacceptable and warrants immediate attention,” it added.

The GNMTA is appealing for support to channel their grievances to the relevant authorities for urgent address of their challenges emanating from the delayed allowance.

“The future of our healthcare system depends on the well-being and support of its trainees, and timely payment of allowances is a critical component of this support,” the statement highlighted.

The nurses and midwives say they “remain hopeful that this matter will be addressed promptly, and we will continue to advocate tirelessly for the rights and welfare of our members.”

By Christian Yalley