GMB 2021: Developing a mentoring intervention to reduce teenage pregnancy – Akosua, Oti region
Akosua (Oti region)
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Ghana’s Most Beautiful contestant Akosua plans to promote mentoring as a pregnancy prevention strategy. She aims to pilot a tribe of women to serve as advisers, confidants and counsellors for young ladies as they step into womanhood.

Beatrice Obiri Nortey, representing the Oti region, believes this would help curb the rise of teenage pregnancies in her community. She said, “One issue in our community is teenage pregnancy. Growing up, I saw a lot of my friends drop out is school because of teenage pregnancy. Now I realise most of these girls do not have access to female role models. People who will help them through this stage.

Akosua – Oti region

“So I am looking at creating a tribe of women, who through mentorship, both vertical and horizontal mentorship, provide such support. So a sister-to-sister thing. I, Akosua, would have people mentor me. Then I intend to network with other younger girls. And create a tribe of women who are going to create a new narrative.”

Akosua is a 26-year-old ambitious and determined young lady who believes that people have the power to impact their societies positively. Currently working as the sales and marketing agent in a real estate company, Akosua is passionate about helping young girls avoid the trappings of teenage pregnancy.

According to Akosua, choosing to participate in this competition has ingrained an affinity for her community. As a native of Worawora in the Biakoye District of the Oti region, a culturally intrinsic fondness has emerged from the association. She said, “GMB connects you to your people. You are talking about culture. My durbar, for instance, was very telling. For the first time on a large scale, I have connected with my community and family. It was fulfilling.”

Akosua – Oti region

“I chose GMB because GMB is prestigious and connects you with your people. I have done other pageants, but this platform has thought that as women, do not place importance on only beauty. You are looking at beauty alright, but you are using that beauty to also influence society. You are grooming yourselves and learning skills. Skills to ready you for the world out there. GMB is not like any other pageant. I have seen ladies come out, and they have become women of substance. They are refined.”

Akosua loves reading, drawing and keeping abreast with current trends. She hopes to acquire a Master’s degree in the future and participate actively in her community through social projects. According to her, the crown, car and cash are not the only prizes to be worn. Above all things, the experience stands tall.

Akosua – Oti region

“I am here for the experience. I want that experience, where once I leave, I am no longer that Akosua that came into the GMB house. I want to be a new refined Akosua.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana