Afua Nash
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Ghanaian content creator Afua Nash, who became famous for consuming GH¢25 worth of gari, beans, and plantain, popularly known as gɔbɛ has disclosed that she is the female version of SDK Dele.

Afua Nash said this in an interview with the host of Adwuma Adwuma on Onua FM, July 5, 2024.

In recent reports, Afua Nash, who became an internet sensation after videos of her eating went viral, revealed that she is now single.

Afua Nash in action

She explained in a viral video that her boyfriend jilted her simply because she used his money to buy food. Many people who commented on the video were delighted with Afua Nash’s sincerity.

In the interview with Felicia, Afua said that there’s no food SDK can eat that she cannot eat. Therefore, she’s willing to meet him and create more food content with him and even compete with him.

“I can really compete with SDK without any fear and even beat him hands down with my eating skills, especially when it’s banku and pepper “she said.

Story by Vanessa Eshun