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Actress and entrepreneur, Fella Makafui has reacted to the feud between herself and husband, Medikal.

The couple has publicly stated that they are divorced and are currently engaged in legal process to end their marriage.

Medikal has for some days now disclosed unpleasant happenings in their marriage after he claimed Fella Makafui called the police on him for asking her cousin to vacate his residence.

Part of the accusations included Medikal claiming that Fella physically assaulted him by slamming his head with a coffee cup and hitting him severally.

In a statement reacting to all the accusations by Medikal, Fella Makafui said part of Medikal’s narration are far from the truth.

“Recently, however, my husband has been making a little too many public statements on our marriage, our beloved daughter, my family, and my businesses. These public statements, considerable parts of which are a great departure from the truth, have caused significant hurt to me, my family, and to my businesses,” part of the statement read.

She indicated that both of them have amicably resolved to end their four-year marriage.


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 The actress said out of respect for both families and in the best interest of their daughter, Island, she has decided “to resort to only lawful and appropriate forums” to address her grievances.

She disclosed that she has initiated a legal process against Medikal in the interest of her daughter and to ensure their safety.

The actress has since pleaded for privacy in the ongoing confusion with Medikal.