I support fixing the country – Sarkodie speaks ahead of #FixTheCountry demo
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Sarkodie revealed that his song, ‘Brown Paper’ with Manifest, is just a continuation of the infamous ‘Masses’ and ‘Inflation’ singles. He believes that the system needs to be fixed first, and then the citizenry would not feel the need to cut corners.

“When this whole #FixtheCountry thing came up, I definitely support the agenda. Because the country, itself, will make you police yourself. You cant be around looking at people all the time, asking what they are doing. But when you are in London, whether the police is there or not, the system has been built that you are policing yourself.”

Sarkodie had this conversation with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, where he mentioned some glaring malfunctions in the system. He used his experiences in London as an example that even when you want to pee, you don’t stand outside and do your business indiscriminately. He mentioned that although there is no police around, people still check themselves because the system is working.


“Because it’s not been built, you can’t fault people too much because you are putting people in a position where they have to do the crime. And the people too, have to be ready for that change. Because when that change comes, you won’t have the comfort that you have.”

Commenting on the progress of this government compared to the previous one, Sarkodie said he hasn’t seen any changes regarding the people’s hustle. Using the western economy as a yardstick, he mentioned that the system is working as compared to this end in both the present and previous government.

“I am speaking just like an ordinary Ghanaian. And I feel until at least we are at a certain level where the rate between a rich person and a poor person is not too here and there. That’s when I can say we are comfortable. I wish we are at a point where normal people with jobs could afford the basic stuff they need.”


On a side note, Sarkodie stated that his songs are neither politically motivated nor partisan. According to him, the word ‘aban’ in his songs represents any sitting party or government now.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana