Martin Kpebu is a private legal practitioner
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Human Rights lawyer, Martin Luther Kpebu, has said he knows some senior legal practitioners, medical doctors, business tycoons among other highly respected people in society who are gay.

But to him, until such people come out publicly to declare that they are gay and speak for themselves as to why they are indulging in such acts, he will not waste his time to defend them.

According to him, the excruciating difficulties Ghanaians are going through is a matter so crucial to him than to waste his time advocating for faceless people.

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The LGBTQ debate h as become rife again after the US Vice President’s visit where comments made by both herself and President Akufo-Addo seemed to raise eyebrows.

According to the President, “but in the meantime, Parliament is dealing with it and I have no doubt that the Parliament of Ghana will ensure as is done, first of all the sensitivity to human rights issues as well as to the feelings of our population and will come out with a responsible response.

“We will see what the final outcome will be and that is the stage in which I will also have the opportunity …,” he said.

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The President’s statement propelled the Speaker, Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, to encourage the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament to hasten the process to get the Anti-Gay Bill passed and asked the President to stay away from the process.

The Committee over the week subsequently laid the report on the Bill in Parliament awaiting passage or otherwise.

But for Mr. Kpebu, the big men practicing LGBTQ should defend themselves publicly before he would come in as a human rights lawyer.

“There are big lawyers who are gay and they can’t fight for themselves and you want me Kpebu to speak for them? They should come and speak for themselves. I am speaking on authority, there are big lawyers who are gay. There are medical doctors and other top people. I have been telling them in private that if about 50 of them come together and take a photograph and tell people that they are gay, then the conversation can go on.

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“There are big lawyers involved, let them come out and when they come, we can lend them some energy. Citizens are hungry, citizens can’t buy food, Ofori-Atta and Akufo-Addo are making monies from them and you want me to divide my energy to fight for LGBTQ people? If they come out to speak, the constitution will protect them.

“I’m here to talk about hunger. Thousands are dying. We need faces so that I will know I’m fighting for lawyer X but you don’t sit in your room and allow Kpebu to fight for you,” he told Alfred Ocansey on The KeyPoints on TV3 Saturday, April 1, 2023..

By Felix Anim-Appau|