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Bongo lawmaker, Edward Bawa has said that handing over the management of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Volta River Authority (VRA), and the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) to the private sector will be suicidal to the country.

In his view, such an action will threaten the security of the nation.

“I respectfully disagree with Otumfuo, that would be suicidal, there is no country that would do that. GRIDCo can’t be given to the private sector.

“Let us not contemplate making the private sector control our power system, that will be suicidal,” he said on the Key Points on TV3 on Saturday, April 20.

He added “For security reasons and strategic reasons, you can’t do that, the VRA can be there but let the private also come in. Even if it will be done at all it should be done in a transparent manner, we should not do it like the PDS.”

The Asantehene, while justifying his call said that privatizing these institutions will make these institutions function as expected of them.

Speaking during the commissioning of a 430-kilometre natural gas pipeline by Genser Energy, in Kumasi on Wednesday, April 17, he said “It’s about time that the government realizes that it’s not going to work for the government to be involved in setting up companies without involving the private sector, it doesn’t work.

“The government should confront policies and involve the private sector and you can attract more investors into the country which will create more employment.

“VRA and others are all government establishments, let’s give it out and diversify them into the private sector and get more money there and get the right people to do it. GRIDCo and others let’s give them the money and get the qualified people, diverse government from it and let them work.

“Electricity Company is in a situation where we don’t know, but that also must be diversified and given to the private sector.


“Why are we still holding on when we don’t have the money? We’re not able to collect all the taxes we want, we’re going to IMF and all those for money. We’re hanging onto industries we cannot maintain and run.”

He added “It’s about time we face reality and decide on what government should be doing and what the private sector should be doing. This is a testimony of the private sector, and they were able to attract investors.”