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The Ghana Police Service has commenced investigations into the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate death of Mr. Eric Johnson, CEO of the Royal Cosy Hills Hotel, popularly known as ‘Jirapa Dubai’ in the Upper West Region.

The lifeless body of Mr Johnson, according to the Police, was found in a pool of blood on Sunday, February 11.

“The deceased was found on 11th February, 2024 lying in a pool of blood in one of the rooms at the hotel,” the Police said in a statement.

According to the Police, the Regional Crime Scene Management Team has visited the scene of the incident.

It further noted that “one person has since been detained to assist the investigation.”

“The Inspector-General of Police has deployed a team of investigators and experts led by the Director-General/CID 

to work with the Upper West Regional Police Command to ensure a thorough investigation into the incident,” the statement concluded.

Jirapa Dubai

Eric Johnson was murdered in the early hours of Sunday, February 11

The alleged murder of the business mogul was made known to the public in a Facebook post by one Kennedy Mornah, a reporter from the region. It is believed that Mr. Mornah has a close relationship with the deceased CEO.

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”Owner of Jirapa Dubai allegedly murdered? How did we get here? A very sad way indeed to begin the year,” Kennedy Mornah posted on Facebook.

Meanwhile, some unconfirmed reports are connecting the gruesome murder of Mr. Johnson to chieftaincy issues in the Jirapa District, where the deceased hails from.

According to reports, Mr. Eric Johnson was allegedly complicit in a plot to force the Jirapa traditional area’s residents to elect a certain individual as chief.

The move by Mr. Johnson, according to reports, infuriated certain members of the royal family, who petitioned him along with other family members and the Tendaaba, who were plotting to name a chief for the traditional area.

“Mr Eric Johnson should be advised not to gamble with the peace of the Naa Angsoleh Aanaa/Naa Yelpoe Royal families,” portions of the petition read.

It added, “They, therefore, call on all families to rise against the naked conduct by Eric Johnson which is likely to breach the stool and, by extension, the PARAMOUNTCY the peace it is currently enjoying. We also wish to state that, the Jirapa Chieftaincy stool is not for sale and to be offered to the highest bidder.”

By Emmanuel Kwarteng