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The Member of Parliament for Jomoro Constituency in the Western Region, Dorcas Affo-Toffey, has reshaped 17 kilometers of roads in four communities in the constituency.

These are different from the already reshaped roads in the other communities.

The roads undergoing the current reshaping project are major roads and in-town roads.

The communities that have benefited from the project are Allewule, Mpataba, Bonyere and Ezinobo Zone.

While Allewule had its 1-kilometer road reshaped, Mpataba had two kilometers. Bonyere and Ezinobo Zone, which are town roads, have 14 kilometers.

At Allewule Junction, the deplorable road, which links the Junction to the town, was causing havoc to the residents anytime it rained.

Okada riders who ply on the one-kilometer road were charging as high as GH¢10 for the short distance, a situation, the residents say, was unbearable.

But with the reshaping of the road, the Okada fare has been reduced to GHȻ5.

Some okada riders and residents expressed gratitude to the MP for the reshaping of the roads and called for proper tarring of same.

With the Mpataba by-pass and the 2-kilometre road which links to the main Elubo road, residents and commuters from Half-Assini, Tekobo 1 and 2, and other communities had to travel all the way to the Samenyi barrier before they could join the Elubo Road.

But with the reshaping of the Mpataba by-pass, commuters are able to use the by-pass to the main Elubo road, making it shorter for them.

Some of the residents and drivers said the road is really helping their businesses.

They explained that their businesses were affected when the road deteriorated because they had to commute to the barrier before they could join the main Elubo road.

The residents are also calling for the proper tarring of the road.

The Bonyere and Ezinobo Zone 14-kilometre roads also serve these communities in diverse ways.

The residents say they had difficulties commuting on these roads whenever it rained due to floods but with the reshaping, such has ceased.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|Onua FM/TV|Onua|Ghana