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The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) in the Ashanti region, has issued a strong warning to its customers against acts of assault on its staff. The warning comes after recent attacks on some of its staff while executing the company’s ongoing revenue mobilisation programme to recover money owed by the consuming public.

Some members of the company undertaking the Customer Asset Management Information Systems (CAIMS) were assaulted without provocation by one Alhaji Tanko alleged to be a National Security operative on October 17, 2023.

The incident happened at Kenyasi in Ashanti region.

The task force has been contracted by the ECG to tag assets of the company, example transformers, poles and metres with QR code. The objective is for easy identification and account for the company’s assets.

Some personnel of the Company were detained and attacked by the customers at Kenyasi after executing their duties in their houses. Others were also disconnected for engaging in illegal connection and other negative activities.

The leader of the ECG team, Gifty Oduro, said their vehicle was roaming in the Kenyasi township and its environs, when they noticed a Nissan Saloon car speeding towards them.

According to her, their driver slowed down for the occupant of the Nissan Saloon car to pass but the driver, identified as Alhaji Tanko, instead parked right in front of the ECG team and blocked their path.

He got down, locked his vehicle and walked briskly towards his home which was nearby. The team, dumbfounded and left in disbelief, saw him coming back hurling insults at them with another man behind brandishing machete.

The team became apprehensive and in the heated exchange Tanko ordered the driver of the mini van to get down. Other members who had already got out of the mini-bus, on seeing the gun and machete ran away leaving the driver, Samuel Osei, who was attacked by Tanko’s accomplice, leaving him with injuries at the back of his head.

Madam Oduro, has therefore cautioned the general public against illegal connections and attacks on its personnel in line of duty which it said is a crime under Ll 2413. She said it will not countenance any attacks and hesitate to disconnect any customer that owes the Company or threatens its staff.

“The Company hereby gives public notice that any customer/consumer, whether an individual or company who refuses to allow the ECG’s personnel to perform their functions as permitted by Ll 2413, will be disconnected. Further, where an assault on our staff is committed, the consumer will continue to be disconnected until such period of time that the customer has confirmed intention in writing to ensure the safety of ECG’s personnel who have rightfully entered the premises to discharge their duties and pledge not to interfere with the company’s personnel in this regard,” she said.

She pointed out that the Company will not hesitate to initiate either civil or criminal action or both against the consumer and or its officers.

Alhaji Tanko was arrested on October 18, 2023 by the Kenyase police after the Kwabre District Office of the ECG reported the issue to the police.

The case had been moved from Kenyasi Solice station to the Mamponten Divisional Headquarters for further investigations.

By Benjamin Aidoo|AkomaFM|