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The Majority in Parliament has accused the Minority caucus of sabotaging the economy by recklessly driving away investors with its continuous misinformation to the public.

The Majority says the Minority group’s persistent accusation of government agencies of signing contracts in blatant violation of the Public Financial Management Act is misleading.

The Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo-Markin addressed journalist in Parliament on the matter on June 5, 2024.

“It is important to remind our colleagues that they ought not to make Parliament a busy-body nosing for things that are not part of the mandate of Parliament. Our job as Parliament is provided for in the Constitution and I will urge our friends in the NDC to act accordingly.

“They are obstructing government business. By that act, they’re scaring investors and that affects the economy. If businesses are hearing such news basically, they are not going to give off their best. People will keep their money and that will affect the good people of Ghana,” he said.

It would be recalled that the Minority kicked against the award of the 5G spectrum contract to Next Gen InfraCo. They have also expressed concerns about the GRA-SML deal among others.

Also, on May 30, the Majority caucus in Parliament accused the Minority and its leader of deliberately sabotaging Ghana’s economic growth through their persistent opposition to some tax waivers currently under consideration by the House.

Majority leader Alexander Afenyo-Markin blamed the Minority Leader, Dr Ato Forson for the stalemate.

“The Minority Leader, Dr Ato Forson is leading that charge on behalf of the Minority in Parliament, and their main aim is to obstruct government business and to deny the people of Ghana the needed economic growth, which will result from businesses investing in the country and expanding their businesses,“ he said.

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By Komla Klutse