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Chantelle KuuKua Eghan, the mother of Ace-Liam Sam Ankrah, the youngest male painter recognised by Guinness World Records (GWR), has shared a video which showed the process of receiving and assembling her son’s official certificate.

The video was released amidst the controversy surrounding Chef Smith’s GWR certificate and its authenticity.

Liam’s mother shared the video on Instagram which demonstrated the appropriate procedure through which the genuine certificate was delivered to her doorstep.

According to Liam’s mother, they received the certificate package via DHL delivery.

“After receiving the package from DHL we weren’t prepared for what was ahead!! We had to unbox and assemble the frames ourselves but we actually had fun while doing it,” she captioned her post on Instagram.

She said the package was fully covered, and within which there were many items: the frame, some glass pieces, and the actual Guinness World Records certificate, which was sealed and enclosed in an envelope.

Liam’s mother carefully assembled these components to create the framed certificate, proudly showcasing it online.

The video demonstration by Liam’s mother comes after the GWR had clarified that they haave no record to confirm that Chef Ebenezer Smith had set a record for the longest cooking by an individual.

This followed Chef Smith’s self-acclaimed breaking of the world record for the cook-a-thon attempt which he held a press conference on Tuesday, July 2 to announce.

Shortly afterwards the GWR confirmed to TV3 when the media organization inquired from GWR about the authenticity of Chef Smith’s certificate.

Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah achieved the title of the world’s youngest male artist at just 1 year and a52 days old.

The previous record holder, Dante Lamb achieved this feat at the age of three in 2003.