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Ghanaian musician and filmmaker, M3nsa has asserted that a music career in Ghana is not appreciated enough.

He explained that Ghanaians will love and support musicians at a point and reject them with the least opportunity they get.

In an interview on 3FM Drive on Wednesday, June 26, M3nsa while referencing his experiences, narrated the difficulty he went through when he decided to crowdfund his BONDZIE album.

He recalled that at a point, his own family members who knew his career as a musician were even reluctant to support his crowdfund.

For all these reasons and challenges, M3nsa believes a career in music in Ghana is a “thankless” job.

“It’s a thankless job in a sense, of course it is. You know you get loved…even some family members were actually making me sell the idea to them. I don’t need to sell the idea to you, you know what I do but you know we took up the challenge and some people came through and they made up for the all the push backs and struggling,” he stated.

In buttressing his point, M3nsa further revealed how the Music Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) delayed in supporting him in a project when he reached out for funding for a project.

M3nsa said although he went through the official processes required, MUSIGA only reached out to him after the project has been manifested and accomplished.

“We went there for funding and they told us to write a letter after we went through the process and we got a response after the film has been launched,” he added.