My husband is not perfect, but I am a proud wife - Empress Gifty
Empress Gifty
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Empress Gifty has replied to rumours that her husband is a chronic cheat and womanizer. According to Gifty, her husband is not perfect, but she is proud to be called his wife.

A video of Empress Gifty ranting on social media has caught our eye. In the video, a livid Empress Gifty has spilled all the tea on her previous marriage and her current husband’s extracurricular activities.

She said, “Ghanaians, I said if you blog about me, I will not go to your page to reply. I would come to my page and put you in your place. I will also tell you the truth. Now let me describe the husband that I have. I don’t have a perfect man, I don’t have the richest man, I don’t have a handsome man, but I have a God-fearing man.

“My husband is a politician. My husband has the freedom to go wherever he wants to go. I am a wife. What I need to do is to respect my husband’s decision. And that is why the Bible said, husband, love your wife. And wife submit. So that is what I am doing. If you see me glowing, it is inner peace. It is not money. I am the only legal Mrs Adorye.”

She also addressed tales that insinuated that her divorce settlement included a house from her ex-husband. According to her, they were living in a rented house.

“What did you say my husband has done? Does he go from hostels to hotels? Oh sister, is that all you have to say? You said he has a sugar mummy? I pity you.

“I have not told you that I have a perfect man. I never said I have a rich husband, no. I am happy and honoured that my husband can enjoy my success. Because before, they don’t even eat the food I cook. So today, if I have something and my husband is using it, I am happy. I am a proud wife, Mrs Adorye.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana