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Renowned marriage counselor, Reverend Charlotte Oduro has offered wise counsel to women dealing with partners having extramarital affairs.

Mrs. Oduro advised such women to put counseling and help ahead of paying evil with evil by also engaging in extramarital affairs.

She said when women encounter such difficulties in their marriages, it is better for them to think about leaving rather than giving in to the pressure to cheat as a kind of revenge.

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According to her, wives who decide to cheat because of their husbands’ adultery will probably face harsh repercussions that could negatively affect their life.

“I want women to understand that resorting to infidelity won’t resolve their issues. Don’t allow your anger to lead you to ruin your future. If you find it unbearable to cope with your husband’s infidelity, seek counselling or consider ending the marriage. Don’t respond to wrongdoing with more wrongdoing,” she advised.

Counselor Charlotte condemned women who, in anguish, follow men into adultery and bemoaned the acceptability of adultery by society.

“Many women are reacting to men’s infidelity out of hurt, but this shouldn’t be the case. They’ve noticed that society often overlooks men’s affairs but condemns women’s, so they feel compelled to retaliate, she added.

Counsellor Charlotte Oduro via X/@revcharlotteoduro

Counsellor Oduro’s advise follows the recent report by the Ghana Statistical Service where 2 in every 10 married Ghanaian men are revealed to have had extramarital affairs outside their marriage.

Per the report, 17.5% of Ghanaian married men have two or more companions who are not their wives.

Additionally, 18.4% of married men report having slept with someone other than their spouse.