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Speaker of Parliament Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin has embarked on a trip to Geneva, Switzerland, to attend the 148th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly scheduled to be held from Saturday l, March 23 to Wednesday, March 27. 

Departing Accra on Thursday, March 21, Speaker Bagbin begins his first-class sojourn, with plans to return exactly a week later.

Mr. Bagbin, recently in the spotlight for his parliamentary performances and engaging with the Ghanaian populace in a manner that raised eyebrows, is now taking to the skies, his trip funded by the citizens of Ghana.

His participation in the IPU Assembly underscores Ghana’s commitment to global parliamentary dialogue and cooperation.

As the Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Bagbin represents Ghana’s interests on an international stage, fostering diplomatic relations and exchanging ideas with counterparts from around the world.

During his visit to Geneva, Mr. Bagbin will contribute to discussions on key issues facing parliaments worldwide, including democracy, human rights, and sustainable development.

As a respected figure in Ghanaian politics, his insights and perspectives carry weight both domestically and internationally, amplifying Ghana’s voice on important global issues.

This opportunity also presents a platform for Mr. Bagbin to network with fellow parliamentarians, forge alliances, and explore avenues for collaboration on matters of mutual interest.

As Ghana continues to strengthen its diplomatic ties and engagement with the international community, Mr. Bagbin’s presence at the IPU Assembly reinforces the country’s commitment to multilateralism and cooperation.

Upon his return to Ghana, Mr. Bagbin is expected to share insights gained from his participation in the IPU Assembly, further enriching parliamentary debates and policy discussions at home.

His journey to Geneva exemplifies Ghana’s active role in the global arena, demonstrating its dedication to advancing shared values and contributing to global governance efforts.