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After discontinuing his quest to remove the Special Prosecutor from office, former NPP member Ken Kuranchie has filed a fresh writ at the Supreme Court.

He seeks to have the creation of the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) and its powers declared unlawful.

Kuranchie had previously withdrawn an earlier writ shortly after a petition to impeach the Special Prosecutor was announced.

The new writ, filed on July 5, comes following the Chief Justice’s dismissal of the impeachment petition, deeming it baseless and without merit.

Kuranchie’s writ aims to have the Supreme Court declare the OSP’s powers of arrest, detention, freezing, and seizure as unlawful and abusive.

Additionally, it seeks to place the OSP’s prosecutorial powers under the direct control of the Attorney-General, similar to the EOCO, Police, and NIB.

Please read excerpts from writ below: