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In 1945 workers in Egypt dug into an ancient Christian tomb where they found large jar containing 13 leather scroll manuscripts – Inside was 48 separate works.

Later known as the “Nag Hamadi library” and the “Dead Sea Scrolls”, but one manuscript that stood out because it gave such a different view on Jesus’s teaching’s: The Gospel of Thomas.

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A great question to ask is “if all books and teaching weren’t included in the bible…Who decided what stays/goes?

Constantine and Bishops in Council of Nicaea in 325AD. At least 45 books were completely taken away or tremendously edited.

What the public was left with is what we now call “The New Testament” which makes up Christian theology.

Essentially it was watered down. Goal so everyday person could understand.

An example is removing lots of women from it. Wonder why never hear about Mary or her story?

The entire gospel of Mary edited out. Goes into her mother who was 81 years old how she was 14 when given to Joseph. Much more!

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