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Steven Fiawoo popularly known as Praye Tiatia of the legendary Ghanaian music hiplife group, Praye, has shared a heartbreaking struggle he endured with his wife and actress Selly Galley before the birth of their twins.

Speaking on the recent episode of D-Black’s Unkut show, Praye Tiatia revealed that Selly, his wife had five miscarriages in the past in their quest to nurture a family.

He said the last miscarriage happened when Selly Galley was just 7 months pregnant.

Despite the horrendous challenge, Praye Tiatia is elated that finally the Lord has blessed him with twins.

“We had about five miscarriages. The last one we lost it at seven months. Selly is a strong woman, one of the most unbelievable women I have ever met. The celebration was worth it cos to think of her first time going to America was the first time going to give birth to twins,” Praye Tiatia stated.

 The musician also disclosed how he met his wife back in the days at an audition.

“She came with three of her friends from school and I was on the panelist trying to recruit. What caught my attention with Selly was this leadership quality that she has. You know that kind of group when they are walking and there’s one particular girl that everybody wants to talk to her and ask of her opinion so I was like who is this girl, let me pay more attention to her,” he said.

Selly gave birth to twins America in August last year after eight years of marriage. She shared photos of her baby bump, along with a message thanking her fans and well-wishers for their support.

“This is the doing of the LORD, and it’s so marvellous in our sight,” Galley wrote. “I had an incredible time during my pregnancy, and as much as I was keeping it quiet, I still wanted to make memories and capture as much. I’d love to share some of those with you before I introduce you to the FIAWOO TWINS! Our great bundle of joy. Our ‘little’ miracles.”