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Co-founder of DWP Academy, Ernest Kwablah, widely known as Quables, has opened up about the controversies surrounding DWP’s invitation to Afronitaa’s Afrostar Kids Academy launch.

The talent manager revealed in an interview with YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon that neither himself nor any member of the DWP Academy was invited by Afronitaa.

You Recall that Afronitaa on Sunday, April 14 launched her dance academy, Afrostar Kids Academy and was graced by many fans and celebrities including Samini and Mr Drew.

However, her former colleagues were not present at the launch which raised concerns about whether there exist any bad relationship following her exit from the group.

Speaking candidly about the matter in an interview with YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon, Quables expressed his disappointment over the fact that the dance team was not invited to the important occasion.

Afronitaa during her launch of Afrostar Kids Academy

According to him, Afronitaa only reached out to a member of the team named Aba just a day before the event to invite the group.

Quables said Aba then suggested to Afronitaa to go through the right channel for a proper invite to her former colleagues.

However, the invited never came after such conversation.

“I saw an interview on Andy Dosty’s show where he asked her, ‘Did you invite DWP?’ She said no. ‘Have you sent out the invite? She said no. Bear in mind that other people had been sent invites, but no one in the entirety of DWP had been sent an invite.

“Until either the day or the day before, she calls Aba, who is part of the team in DWP and says that she wants to invite DWP. And Aba says that ‘you know, the right channel, either reach out to your former colleagues or Quabs. You cannot invite DWP without letting Quabs know. But she never did,” he said.

Quables expressed his displeasure at the incident and questioned Afronitaa’s lack of regard for her long-time dance group members.

“If you tell your former colleagues, then you have invited them. They could go as individuals or they could go as DWP.

“She never invited her former colleagues. I asked them, but none of them got any text or anything. I called Afrobeast, and he said he wasn’t invited. Only Championrollie went as an individual.”


He added “These people have been there for you for five to six years. You don’t think that they deserve that level of respect? The same way you invited other people, you don’t think that you could have just sent your colleagues a message? Are you bigger than them?”

Quables further mentioned that Afronitaaa celebrated her birthday with her TikTok followers rather than inviting her former DWP colleagues.

“Even before she left DWP Academy, her birthday, did you see any members of the DWP Academy there? No. Anytime it’s somebody’s birthday, we celebrate it together. She didn’t invite any of them for her birthday, and it was her and her fans from Tik Tok,” he added.

Quables, however, declared that he had no resentment towards Afronitaa and is pleased with her development following her departure from DWP Academy.

“To be honest, I’m happy for her. She’s doing something she wants to do. Like, if you leave DWP Academy, I’m not expecting you to go and just sit down and fold your arms. Do something.

“If she had sent that invite to any of them, they would have probably cancelled other things and been there and shown up for her,” he said.