Ambrose Dery (L) is Minister of Interior and Dr. George Akuffo Dampare (R) is IGP
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The Concerned Youth of Asawase are calling for an independent probe into the murder of their colleague, Yussif Salawudeen, who died at Asawase last month. The youth want the Inspector General of Police and the Interior Minister to ensure that comes to fruition.

A report delivered in Parliament by the Interior Minister Tuesday, August 1, 2023, indicated that Yussif Salawudeen died from injuries he sustained after hitting himself against a wall.

But the youth say Mr. Salawudeen died after suffering police brutalities during a swoop in the area. His demise angered some youth who stormed the police station to cause disturbances. According to a statement issued by the Concerned Youth of the area July 26, an autopsy report had stated Yussif died from physical attack.

However, during his presentation in Parliament Monday, the Interior minister discounted the youth’s claim that their colleague was beaten to death by the peace enforcement agency.

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The Concerned Youth who cannot come to terms with the explanation by Mr. Dery say they want an independent probe into the circumstances leading to their brother’s death.

“Again, if the Police claim, according to the script the interior minister read on the floor that the multiple injuries the victim sustained which led to his sudden death are as a result of a wall the victim hit his body against in the cause of running, how come the autopsy report showed the cause of death to be as follows; Splenic rupture, blood in abdominal organ, and blunt force trauma – injury of the body by forceful impact or physical attack?

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“Is it logical for one to sustain all these injuries by mere hitting of once body against a wall? It is so sad that the vast majority of Ghanaians are perceived not to have confidence in our justice system, and such incidence are major contributing factors to that wide public perception.

“We’re calling on the interior minister and the  IGP once again to take a second look at  the matter,  because what has been said about the case does not reflect the reality and the facts of the case, we can’t live in a country where we can’t have confidence in our justice system, so therefore,  we call for an independent investigation into the matter, to at least establish the fact so that justice will be served for the perpetrators of the killing be punished by the law for the soul of our brother, Yussif Salawudeen  can finally rest in peace,” their release stated.

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