Ambrose Dery is Minister of Interior
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The Concerned Youth of Asawase have been stunned by what they deem a porous defense of the gruesome killing of one of its colleagues, Yussif Salawudeen, by the Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, in Parliament yesterday.

The Asawase youth have alleged that one of their colleagues who died last week was as a result of brutalities he suffered from the police during their swoop in the area.

According to the youth, Yussif was murdered by the police per the autopsy conducted on the body.

“The autopsy report from the hospital has confirmed our brother Yussif Salawudeen was beaten to death. So, this time the Police can’t lie,” portions of a statement issued by the youth on July 26, 2023, indicated.

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However, the Interior Minister, during a presentation in Parliament Monday, August 1, 2023, said Yussif died as a result of injuries he sustained from hitting himself against a wall whilst running after releasing him over detection of sickness.

The explanation, according to the youth, is inconsistent and illogical. A Wednesday, August 2 statement from the Concerned Youth suggests the perpetrators of the crime want to shield the truth away from the public.

“The Interior minister’s defense of the Police gruesome killing of Salawudeen is a slap on the face of the Zongo community. Listening to the comments of the interior minister on the floor of Parliament yesterday, August, 1st, 2023 in relation to the killing of Yussif Salawedeen of blessed memory in Asawase last month, it is obvious that the investigation the minister of Interior spoke about on the floor of Parliament may not lead us anywhere if from this preliminary stage of the matter is being clouded with grave inconsistency and opacity.

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“We are forced to believe that the minister of interior has no better appreciation of the matter, hence he only stuck to the script presented to him since he had to talk about the matter as the minister designate. However, we are sure if the minister actually appreciates the ugly event that happened, he will know that his presentation in the first place does not reflect the real facts of the event.  We are confident that after the series of good questions our member of Parliament, Hon. Muntaka Mubarak asked after his presentation might have inform the minister of the inconsistencies in the script he read on the floor,” their statement notes in some parts.

The youth who are aggrieved have also been asking when detection of sickness on a suspect became a reason for discharge.

“If the Police claim they released Salawudeen to go when they detected signs of sickness in him, the question we humbly asked is, since when did it become a norm by the Police to releasing suspects by mere detection of sickness?”

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