'Back to sender' – Lydia Forson hits Eagle Prophet for prophesying her death
Lydia Forson and Eagle Prophet
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Lydia Forson is not letting anyone fill her with gloom and dread in her latest IG post. This is believed to be directed at Eagle Prophet, who prophesized that the actress would suffer a fatal car accident.

Eagle Prophet made this pronouncement on Happy FM to address Lydia Forson’s reaction to Akuapim Polo’s prophecy.

Same Eagle Prophet prophesied that a group of men would gang-rape Akuapim Poloo, leading to her death. Commenting on the issue, Lydia Forson slammed the Prophet and admonished him for causing unwarranted fear and panic.

This did not sit well with the man of God, who made some revelations about the actress. He said, “Lydia Forson has a serious accident ahead of her. Let me tell you something, these are the things that people don’t know understand. There are two things in this world, if it is not evil, it is good. Before you get to the good, evil will meet you. Because evil knows that if it doesn’t prevent you from what belongs to you. This is what we call a barrier.


“There is a demonic plot against Lydia Forson. The enemy wants to cut her life. That is why they are pushing her to raise against the prophecy. Because even in her house, there are a lot of men of God there. There are big men of God in her house. The devil wants to use her to fight against this prophecy.”


In response, Lydia shared a sizzling pic of herself in a gorgeous two-piece bath suit from her vacation in Maimi. She captioned it with, “Currently at the beach having a drink called “back to sender.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana