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“The thief does not come, except to steal, to kill and destroy” as found in John 10:10 was included in the Bible because of Ghana, Captain Smart has asserted.

The broadcast journalist says that scripture was included in the Bible to affirm the degree of thievery going on in Ghana which claims peoples lives.

His comments come on the back monies stolen between 1993 to 2007 which is over $2 billion according to the Auditor General’s Report.

Speaking on his show, Maakye Monday, September 5, 2022, Captain Smart said monies meant to improve facilities to cater for children, pregnant women and other vulnerable persons in society are stolen by some leaders making them complicit in the demise.of such people.

“All some of these leaders know is to steal our monies for people to die. They steal and kill people because the money we will use to take care of a child somewhere has been stolen by someone. They steal monies meant for the old, they steal monies meant for pregnant women. So if such people die, it is because of the stole. You are thieves. That is why that scripure is in the Bible. It is there because of Ghana.

He has indicated “it was time we moved to peoples’ homes to demand our monies whenever someone is mentioned for stealing our monies.”

“When we come, we won’t touch you. We won’t harm you. We won’t do anything to you just give us our money,” he added.

By Felix Anim-Appau|