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Captain Smart has apologised to Ghanaian female TV sports presenters who felt offended for comments he made on the airwaves following the defeat and exit of the Black Stars from the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The ‘Maakye’ host had asserted the presence of female TV presenters at the Black Stars’ camp was a contributing factor to the failure of the team.

Many have condemned the statement saying it’s an indictment on the TV sports presenters who went to Qatar to cover the FIFA World Cup.

Speaking on his show Tuesday, December 13, 2022, Captain Smart clarified that his comments were not referring to sports presenters as have been misconstrued by many, but rather a generalised utterance of caution to the GFA about female TV presenters.

He rendered an apology to female TV sports presenters who felt offended for the comments he made.

“I’ve seen a lot of write ups from the public. The other day I said the GFA should stop female TV presenters from following the team –Black Stars.
I’m a reasonable being so I chose my words right. I didn’t say female TV sports presenters. Listen to me well, I said female TV presenters. There are a lot of female presenters on YouTube and we have the traditional presenters as well. I chose my words well.

“I don’t know why the female TV sports presenters have taken this world cup. Did I say sports presenters? I didn’t say that. But because of the respect I have for women, if you’re a female sports presenter and you think you were hurt, sorry,” he apologised.

By Felix Anim-Appau|