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All is set for the highly anticipated Chairman John Awuah Invitational Tournament, which will take place at the Achimota School Tennis Club (ASTEC) on Saturday, February 10.

The tournament promises to be an exciting event, featuring competitive male doubles and ladies singles with attractive prizes up for grabs.

During the draw of the tournament, Chairman John Awuah expressed his excitement about the inaugural tournament, stating that its purpose is to provide an annual platform for ASTEC members and sister clubs to come together and enjoy competitive social tennis.

The ultimate objective is to enhance the competitiveness of ASTEC in the social tennis arena.

Chairman John Awuah also emphasized the anticipation of fierce competition, fun, and networking opportunities for members and other participants.

He believes that the tournament will not only provide an enjoyable sporting experience but also contribute to the improvement of members’ overall health and well-being.

Being the first in a series of annual Chairman’s Tournaments, the progress of the event will be closely monitored before, during, and after the tournament.

The valuable lessons learned from this inaugural tournament will inform the organization of subsequent tournaments in the future.

Tournament Director George Heckson urged all participants to adhere to the tournament rules and schedule, ensuring a fair and enjoyable competition for everyone involved.

The one-day tournament will witness the participation of 27 men’s doubles teams, who will compete in knock-out games to determine the ultimate winners.

Additionally, 13 ladies will engage in singles knock-out games, showcasing their skills and determination to claim victory.

The Chairman John Awuah Invitational Tournament promises to be a thrilling event, bringing together tennis enthusiasts from ASTEC and sister clubs.

With the aim of fostering camaraderie, healthy competition, and the overall growth of ASTEC, this tournament is set to become a highlight on the tennis calendar for years to come.