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Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana (C-DAG) says it welcomes former President, John Dramani Mahama’s idea of establishing a comprehensive pension scheme for drivers.

The driver group is elated and has promised to campaign and ensure that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) wins the upcoming December 7, general elections to enable Mr. Mahama to fulfil the promise.

The flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Mahama, engaged the leadership of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) on Friday, June 7 to hear their concerns and ideas.

Mahama acknowledged the pivotal role of the GPRTU and reiterated the NDC’s commitment to establish a comprehensive pension scheme, ensuring their social security in their retirement years.

He promised that the next NDC administration will modernize transport terminals and lorry parks through private partnership to enhance the transport sector.

The Leadership of Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana (C-DAG), reacting to this at a press conference on June 13, lauded the former President stressing that the pension scheme would transform the transportation sector and improve their living conditions.

Below is the full press statement by the concerned drivers.


Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we’d like to thank you for showing up to listen to our message.

We hope that this message shall be effectively trumpeted based on the trust we’ve developed for you as a result of the much attention you have always given us.

We the Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana, invited you to this conference to discuss with you our resolve to accept and support some policy initiatives announced by the NDC flagbearer Former President John Dramani Mahama which will be implemented by his future government to help transform the transportation sector and also improve our living conditions.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, amidst our despair as a result of current conditions in the country, the NDC flagbearer John Mahama has mentioned some policies offering a gleaming hope to us which include the following.

1. Hire purchase vehicles: we trust this intervention to make vehicle ownership much easier for players in the transportation sector.

It means that drivers can possibly acquire their own vehicles and save us from the distress and pressure we go through to meet our sales demands. It is an undeniable fact that it has become almost impossible for us to even buy what we describe us ‘third hand’ Ghana used vehicles not to talk of acquiring home used or brand-new ones. We therefore find this intervention to be a one that will bring so much relief.

2. Pension Scheme. Ladies and Gentlemen of the media, among the most impoverished group of workers in Ghana currently are drivers.
The stories of our old and retired comrades are even worse and not palatable for the ears. We can unequivocally say that it can never be contested that drivers have no future.

We live from hand to mouth and so we become subjects of penury the very day we step off the steering wheel.

Almost 99 percent of drivers go on retirement with an unplanned future. Isn’t it therefore good news that for once a possible president of the country has had us in thought and declared his intention to set up a pension scheme for us? At least it will help save many of us from the psychological battles we deal with when we forecast our future without hope resulting in road crashes.

All that every worker requires is a secure future.

3. Ultra Modern bus terminals: John Mahama’s promise to build ultramodern bus terminals across the country is positive news.

Presently, most of our terminals are in awful conditions and are even worse during the rainy season. There are no proper waiting areas for passengers, not to mention some for drivers where we can relax and take a nap ahead of our trip.

It is therefore on a good note that JM is promising ultramodern bus terminals that will come with ancillary facilities.

4. Drivers’ Day: in recognition of hard work JM has also pledged to institute the Drivers’ Day which will be set aside to celebrate us for the gallant task we perform by moving the nation.
If there’s ever going to be a day where drivers would feel important it’ll definitely be on the day this promise will be honored and we trust JM to surely do that.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the much-awaited hope is here. It’s really the first time a key political figure announced clearly to drivers policy interventions that would not only be beneficial to our sector but to also ensure our welfare.

While we commend the NDC’s flagbearer for exhibiting much concern about us we wish to caution him against turning his back on us after winning the elections.
We urge all stakeholders to join us in supporting John Mahama’s vision for a better Ghana.

Thank you.


Paa Willie- National Chairman

Nana Wiredu- Deputy Secretary

David Agboado- PRO

By Maxwell Otoo