Nana Akosua Sarpong Frimpomaa Kumankumah is Chairperson of the CPP
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Fellow Countrymen and women, with particular mention of our Senior Citizens, the Convention People’s Party, honours you all today.

This day, 64 years ago, was when our dear departed forebears, and our dear beloved living Senior Citizens, participated in a historic referendum that gave us  our first President, drove out the final vestiges of decades of control by foreign powers, and set us on the path of achieving our collective destiny as a people from various powerful Traditional States, who had become united for a greater good.

A day, which gave meaning to the blood and toil of our Mothers and Fathers, against the bane of slavery, colonization, and oppression.

Fellow Countrymen and women, the selflessness and resilience of the Ghanaian is legendary, even in the midst of our own struggles, we were, in times past, concerned about the well-being of our fellow brothers and sisters in the sub[1]region, and the continent as a whole.

However, fellow Countrymen and women, with the reality of today’s Ghana, our love and care for others can only be manifested in warm thoughts and lip service, as the material and financial harvest of the seeds sown and watered by the blood and toil of our ancestors, is being reaped and enjoyed by only an elite few, manifesting in un-necessary hardship, distress, and discouragement, for the majority of hardworking and honest Ghanaians today.

The CPP, in the light of this, calls on the NPP Government to reverse the sale of the SSNIT hotels shares, and also to reverse its draconian policies, especially, but  not restricted to, the dreaded DDEP, which sounded a death knell on many of our Pensioners and Senior Citizens, whom we also honour and celebrate today, Senior Citizens day.

The least expected from the ruling government, by the CPP, is for Senior Citizens to be excluded from the DDEP so that they would have money for their upkeep before anything else, and the CPP calls for this to be done immediately!

Furthermore, if the NPP has decided on a GHC1,500,000,000 bail out for customers of the defunct banks, a move which the CPP commends, then doing  right for our Senior Citizens and the DDEP, should not be difficult to realise, and while at it, take a cue from other well-meaning countries, and also make health  care free for Seniors Citizens and pregnant women throughout the nation.

The CPP urgently calls on all Ghanaians, to look beyond the NDC, NPP, and all the other parties, and boldly reflect on what the CPP achieved for Ghanaians in the years before, and the years after, Ghana became a Republic, and throw their weight behind the CPP, as the only proven alternative, which 64 years ago reaped, and will once again reap, for all Ghanaians, the harvest of individual prosperity, collective prosperity, well-being, and respect on the international stage.

Long live Nkrumah’s CPP, Long live Ghana, Long live Africa.



Chairperson, Independent Committee, Convention People’s Party