Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey is minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration
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Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration minister Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey says she is open to being invited to partner her preferred candidate for the 2024 general elections should he win and extend an invitation to her.

She says such a call would require much reasoning and consultation which she will apply before taking a final decision for such an offer.

Madam Ayorkor Botchwey was speaking to the media after casting her ballot at the ongoing super delegates conference of the NPP.

“I’ll think about it. It’s not a decision you take lightly so you think about it, you consult, and all of that,” she responded to the question if she will accept to be a running mate for any of the candidates.

She has, meanwhile, advised the delegates to look beyond the party to elect someone who will propel the NPP’s chances of breaking the 8.

She says the 10 aspirants are all aware that only one among them will emerge winner after the exercise and has urged all candidates to rally behind whoever is chosen after the polls to lead the NPP on November 4.

“Everyone of the 10 are well qualified to lead our country. Then there is also the need to look beyond, who has the better chance if he wins will help us break the 8 and I believe my candidate will.

“Even the 10 people understand that only one person out of the 10 will win this election. Two people can’t share that spot and therefore everyone going into the race knows that they stand the chance but it is only one person who will win. If you do not win, you rally around the winner to prosecute the agenda to break the 8 to get back into government on the 7th of January,” she advised.

The NPP is organising  a super delegates conference to reduce the number of persons seeking to become the flagbearer for the 2024 elections from 10 to 5. After today’s exercise, there will be another conference with a larger collegiate to elect who leads the party in 2024.

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