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A 65-year-old woman nearly lost her sight whiles her 45-year-old businessman, Samuel Yako-Hene Dogbe, was also seriously wounded after they were assaulted by staff of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) national monitoring team.

The victim, whose name was given as Auntie Akua Esther, was attacked with her son by the monitoring team numbering about 20 at Adade, a surbub of Gomoa Nyanyano in the Gomoa East district of the Central region.

Speaking with Onua News’ Nana Yaw Asare, the victim, Akua Esther, said, she saw the ECG staff forcing their way into her residence, and after questioning them, they told her to step aside because she had no right to question their duty.

She said the statement by the ECG officials brought a little misunderstanding between then and her son. When he attempted leaving the house to supply his lobsters to his customers, the ECG officials blocked the entrance and started beating him up until blood started oozing from his mouth and other parts of the body.

According to the woman, they gave her her share of the beating when she tried intervening to save her son.

“I was separating the fight and he hit me and I fell into the water. We went to the Adade estate police station to file a complaint and on our return we saw them with soldiers. When the soldiers saw my swolen face, they asked me to let us settle the matter at home. When we got home they had disconnected all the cables and removed the metre.
I don’t want any problem so I always purchase my prepaid. I don’t have any fault and I have every receipt they will request.

“I don’t owe the government even a kobo. So I want to find out from the government if I am a slave or a citizen? The soldiers never touch us. They only brought them in the time we returned from the police station after they had beaten us up,” she narrated.

Speaking to her son, Samuel Yako-Hene Dogbe, he said he wants the matter to be investigated to get justice for his aged mother.

“The ECG is under the government so if the ECG have assaulted us, the government should bear the cost. I believe we are not the only victims,” he indicated.

The two victims were rushed to the Kasoa Polyclinic while the matter has been reported to the police pending investigation.

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