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A leading member of the Movement for Change, Nana Ohene Ntow, has said that the decision by the ministry of trade to control the prices of cement as misplaced.

According to him, the best approach to controlling price of cement and other commodities on the market is to tackle inflation and depreciation of the cedi.

“I agree with some level of control. But the decision to lay and LI to control the price of cement is like prescribing paracetamol to cure a headache whose root cause requires a surgery,” he said on Key Points on July 6.

The Ministry of Trade has laid a Legislative Instrument (L.I) which seeks to control the price of cement. This move has been opposed by the Cement Manufacturers Association.

Speaking on the same issue on Key Points, a private legal practitioner, Martin Kpebu called for mediation to identify the way forward.

He says a mediator is needed to help the two sides address their concerns.

“When two elephants fight it is the ground that suffers. They should get a mediator to be able to sit them down, they should talk to Austin Gamey, Nana SKB Asante and others so that they can talk,” Kpebu said.

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