Martin Kpebu (L) is a private legal practitioner and Jean Mensa (R) is Chairperson of the EC
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Private legal practitioner, Martin Luther Kpebu, is considering a campaign to change the name “Ghana” because its inhabitants have not lived up to its meaning over the years.

He says there is no need living the contrary of the meaning of Ghana, hence, his call for the name to be changed to reflect what the people are.

According to Mr. Kpebu, the meaning of Ghana is “Warrior King” and he expects Ghanaians to fight for what’s their right rather than sitting aloof and allowing themselves to be bullied around.

His comments stem from the ongoing voter registration exercise which the Electoral Commission (EC) has restricted to its district offices without recourse to the calls by various stakeholders to extend the centres to the electoral areas.

Speaking on TV3’s The KeyPoints Saturday, September 16, 2023, the renowned lawyer said he cannot come to terms with the EC limiting the exercise to its district offices to suppress voters with people being quiet and suffering.

“Sometimes we even forget who we are. The name Ghana, how many of us remember or even know the meaning of it? The name Ghana, what does it mean? Because if you look at our actions do we look like warriors? Yeah, that’s what Ghana mean, the Warrior King. Do we act as warriors, the EC is bullying us and we are quiet because of our selfish gains,” he told Alfred Ocansey, host of the show.

He continued that, “very soon I will be campaigning that let’s just change the name Ghana because we don’t act one bit like warriors, no. This is blatant constitutional aberration. We all want citizens to engage, participate so if you restrict the registration to your offices then what are you doing? If not voter suppression then what is it?”

The legal mogul was further baffled by the fact the EC is engaging in what is contrary to what the constitution mandates it. He explained the CI 91 of the EC law spells the regulations of conducting a registration exercise which says it should be continuous, there should be consultation of stakeholders regarding the venue among others.

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