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Paul Okoye, popularly known as Rudeboy, the half-brother of P-Square has counseled men to put in a lot of work, become financially stable, and then get married to a partner who is also financially stable.

Rudeboy expressed his concern about the increasing pressure on males to achieve financial security before entering into a committed relationship or marriage.

Rudeboy urged guys to “change the narrative” and work toward financial independence.

On his Instagram account, he suggested that men look for companions who are similarly successful in life.

He was also concerned about the growing tendency of women expecting men to prove their financial security before they would consider dating or getting married. 

He said everyone should work towards achieving financial stability regardless of gender.

On his Instagram account, Rudeboy wrote, “The rate at which they keep saying men must be this financially, money bla bla bla before getting married or into relationship is alarming.

“Dear kings, change the narrative, chase money, make money and look for a rich girl. Make everybody go hustle.”

Rudeboy’s post on Instagram