Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka is MP for Asawase and NDC PC elect
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The Asawase constituency Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Faisal Dawudu, has chastised the constituency parliamentary candidate elect Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak for failing to participate in a supposed constituency unity walk.

During the unity walk led by the constituency Chairman Sunday, May 28, 2023 in Kumasi, he alleged the law maker incited members of the party in the constituency from attending the walk meant to unite opposing factions during the runup to the constituency primaries.

The Chairman said Muntaka Mubarak is “anti-party, divisive and ill mannered.”

“It is very unfortunate that as a sitting MP and the parliamentary candidate elect for the constituency instead of him to unite the party, he is rather agitating against his opponent who lost the contest with him.

I invited him and instead of him to respond in a unifying manner, he rather went on radio inciting people not to come for this unity walk by saying that there is nothing like unity in Asawase. I will advise him to think as a leader and a unifier and he should be cautious of his utterances. A leader like him shouldn’t be saying this kind of unmannered words,” he decried.

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He further alleged that the MP is becoming a threat to the constituency and the NDC by entreating people to vote skirt and blouse come 2024.

“He told the constituents who are agitating to vote skirt and blouse to do so because for him, even one vote will take him to Parliament. Muntaka is now becoming a threat to the constituency and the progress of the NDC. Hon. Muntaka is unmannered and I’m cautioning him that the party doesn’t belong to him,” he said unapologetically.

However, he pledged to support and campaign for the MP and the NDC’s flagbearer saying “I will campaign for him whether he likes it or not because he is going to contest in 2024 under the umbrella party and we will make sure him and John Mahama win the elections.”

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Masawudu Mubarik who contested Muntaka Mubarak during the constituency primaries said the outcome of the election was the will of the people and he is ready to collaborate with the parliamentary candidate elect in the upcoming election.

“I don’t see my loss as a rejection by the people. It only indicates that majority of the people want Hon. Muntaka to continue. I want to reaffirm my commitment to the party and to tell my supporters to rally behind the parliamentary candidate elect and John Mahama so that at the end of day the NDC will be victorious,” he revealed.

He also bemoaned the failure of the member of parliament who doubles as the parliamentary candidate elect for the constituency in showing up for the unity walk.

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“I know he was invited but I can’t tell why he is not here. He knows very well being a veteran politician that my election is over but he has elections ahead of him. So if there is anyone who will benefit from the unity of the constituency it should be him. I will entreat him to embrace the unity which is extended to him,” he said.

By Issah Zakariah|Akoma FM|