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“Apart from the Kwame Nkrumah tradition, the tradition that has shown real faith to the people of Ghana has been the NDC,” General Secretary, Franklin Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, has stated.

He says what he calls the DNA of the NPP cannot be same as that of the NDC, looking at how proponents of the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition rule whenever they get power.

Fifi Kwetey says the NPP is fond of making huge promises in an attempt to secure power and does the opposite afterwards.

Speaking on Hot Issues on TV3 Sunday, June 30, 2024, the former Ketu South lawmaker stated that it is only the Nkrumah tradition that surpasses the NDC in terms of keeping faith with the people.

“Effectively, they make a lot of claims to being democrats. When they are in power, they show the very opposite of democracy. They claim they are pro-business. When they are in power, they do the very opposite of being pro-business. They make all kinds of statements about how easy it is to govern a country and to transform an economy. When they are given an opportunity, they invariably do the very opposite of it,” he asserted.

“So, it’s true that the NDC is not perfect. But if you’re talking about real commitment to this country, I would say apart from the Kwame Nkrumah tradition, the tradition that has shown real faith to the people of Ghana has been the NDC,” he said in addition.

Speaking about democratic practice for instance, the NDC General Secretary held that it has never been the case that the opposition party will be in power for journalists to be threatened and killed as it is with the NPP administration.

“You’ll notice, for instance, that it doesn’t happen in the history of our country when NDC has been in power, for journalists, and I’m talking about democratic rule, to be afraid to be able to speak under this, especially this government or the NPP, that actually is very pervasive.

“You can talk about, for example, the journalist who got killed, basically in cold blood, because of the work he was doing. And I’m talking about Ahmed [Hussein] Suale. You can talk about an award-winning journalist, Manasseh Azuri, who literally had to run away from this country. You can even talk about some of your own colleagues here in TV3, who are effectively threatened more or less because they are carrying an opinion that simply is against the NPP,” he explained.

Fifi Kwetey went ahead to explain what he thinks makes the difference between the NPP and NDC when it comes to governance.

“The difference between the NDC and the NPP in terms of governance is this. We, for instance, do not believe that everybody must belong to us. They (NPP) believe that the country is their property. You must belong [to them]. And if you don’t belong, they’ll effectively hound you out, persecute you, threaten you, use all kinds of means,” he maintained.

He said that depicts “two separate DNAs, one DNA that is more tolerant, and another one that is actually filled with nothing but intolerance, in the sense that the country is their property.”

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