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The New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) administration has left Ghana’s economy in a junk state, Franklin Fifi Fiavi Kwetey of the NDC has said.

Unlike the NDC whose prime focus is to build the economy by creating a conducive environment for businesses to thrive, the NPP’s focus, per Fifi Kwetey’s analogy, is to put the economy in disarray.

This, in the words of the General Secretary of the NDC, is part of the reasons he thinks the two political parties cannot be likened in any way.

“But between the NDC and NPP, it’s really sad if people actually make an effort to place us as the same. Let’s talk, for example, about the economy. For instance, at the eight years prior of the NDC and compare to the eight years that we see today. We’re talking about an economy today that has become what you call a junk economy, under the rule of the so-called economic messiahs. Our city today is absolutely of no value. And we’re talking about a government that, as it were, created the impression that even 3.8 cities to the dollar was a crime,” he said.

“We’re talking about a government that has received, in our history, the highest amount of resource. I mean, if you put the resource alone, that they even got just a period of six months in COVID, between July to the close of that year, 2020, that alone, the envelope alone they got, which is amounting to about 30 billion,” he added.

He explained that the amount the NPP government got from COVID -19 alone is a quarter of all the loans the NDC took whilst in office. The government, however, he continued, cannot boast of what it achieved with all the money it got.

“…that is, for example, one fourth of the totality of all the loans that the NDC had in eight years. And in spite of the fact that they got this massive resource, they still led this country into a situation where we’re talking about budget deficit of 15 percent, inflation started flying upward towards 50 percent, totally collapsed our country and put us in the situation in which we are today,” he said in defence of the NDC.

But with the NDC government, the former Ketu South MP said they were able to leave legacies with GH₵120billion loans taken by the administration .

“We’re talking about we, with 120 billion cedis, the amount of the massive portfolio of investment in every field of our country, energy sector, infrastructure, in roads, in education, in totality, in health, everything that you can talk about,” he disclosed.

Fifi Kwetey made the comments on Hot Issues on TV3 Sunday, June 30, 2024, with Keminni Amanor.

The NPP as a political party lacks credibility – Fifi Kwetey