Dr. Gideon Boako is spokesperson for Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia
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Dr. Gideon Boako, spokesperson for the flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has said the national exodus being experienced in Ghana currently, is not as a result of a loss of faith in the government.

Dr. Boako says blaming the ruling government for the numerous exit of people from the country is an act of dishonesty.

He says those making such allegations are simply not appreciating the efforts of the government, describing such assertions as baseless and misleading.

According to Dr. Boako, the reasons many leave the country could be viewed from the positive perspective such as cross-border trade, education, amongst others.

He explains people have purported to undermine the government’s efforts in making things better, and have resorted to appropriate everything to the current administration in a bad taste.

The Vice President’s spokesperson says people travel to Dubai and other places for holidays and trade purposes and not to stay there to work.

“It will be the highest level of dishonesty if anybody says that…People travel for different reasons. Some are going to school; some are going to do business. 10 years ago, how many Ghanaians used to travel to Dubai, today multiples of people go to Dubai.

“What do they go there to do? They don’t go there to live, they go for holidays, they go to do shopping, they go to do trade and come back.

“So, you cannot say that the fact that you go to the Airport and people are moving in droves, travelling is an indication of hopelessness,” he said on Citi FM Thursday, July 04, 2024.

He added that “you rather have to look at it even on the positive side because today people are doing cross border trade more than it used to be in the past…So, it will be the greatest level of dishonesty and in fact lack of proper education to say that because people are travelling more, it is an indication of hopelessness. I don’t buy into that.”

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