Prof. Ransford Gyampo
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Associate Professor at the University of Ghana Ransford Edward Yaw Gyampo has been elected the Secretary of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) after heated elections on Thursday, August 5.

It is the first competitive elections for the Director of the Centre for European Studies at UG.

“Working with my colleagues, we won’t fight with any government,” he wrote after the win.

“But no regime will take University Teachers for granted from now on. Some of us are too much socialized about the dogmas of mobilization and we know how to make establishments ungovernable when we have to do so, for the purposes of pushing a greater good, to restore societal equilibrium and equity.

“We will negotiate peacefully and respectfully. But we will bite hard when we have to.”

He further assured that UTAG will play its role as a countervailing authority to establishments.

“We will speak up to praise government when necessary and to, without malice and cynicism, offer sharp criticisms on all matters germane to the socio-economic and political interest of our members and Ghanaians as a whole, when we have to.

“The days when we looked so much into our books and neglected our own interests, are gone. We will look into our books but take time to also push for our interest.”

He indicated how the Constitution discriminates against the majority but in favour of politicians, who he says exploit this to secure their interest.

“We are therefore also going to push an agenda that protects our interest, the interest of Ghanaians and makes UTAG assertive in keeping regimes on their toes,” he concluded.

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana