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Residents of Medie, Adjen Kotoku and Papase in the Amasaman municipality of the Greater Accra Region has lamented over the poor road network in the area.

They complain that the state of the roads is making living difficult in the area.

“At first, from Adjen Kotoku to Medie was just 30 minutes’ drive, but now 3 three hours. We find it difficult when going to town and getting back home is our major challenge,” Enoch Boateng told Onua News’ Akua Sarpomaa.


Marry Asantewaa stated that “due to the deplorable state of the roads, my husband has been jobless for one year four months”.

“The car always developed a fault and because of that the car owner took it from him and moved it from here,” she explained.

Yaw Peter added that “this is getting out of hands, and we want the government to treat this as a matter of urgency and fix our bad roads network or they should grade all the asphalt, that will be better than the asphalt that has developed a lot of potholes”.

By Akua Sarpomaa