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Samuel Nartey George, the Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, who is one of the sponsors of the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill also known as the Anti-LGBTQ bill is alleging that some members of the Majority caucus have been influenced by the LGBTQ community to frustrate the bill in Parliament.

The MP, who was furious Wednesday, December 6, 2023, after the House failed to take Bill in Parliament said some members of the Majority have been induced by the gay community, the reason they don’t want the Bill to be moved.

“Those who have gone and gotten influence by persons who have interest in the LGBTQ should return whatever influence they have collected because we’ll fight and the next time we address the media, I’ll mention names. I’ve been impressed today by my co-members not to mention names and it’s out of respect for them that I’m not mentioning names,”  he threatened.

He said this is the third time such persons have teamed up to frustrate the Bill’s passage, the reason he wants the Majority to tell Ghanaians their issues with it.

“This is not the first time the Speaker has given such and instruction and it has been disregarded in his absence. We need to understand from the Majority side what their issue with the Bill are. We need to understand those who take the chair when the Speaker gives the instruction, what their position to the Bill is.

“We are very aware of people in leadership from the Majority side who are reaching out to sponsors of the Bill, asking us to step down the bill. Is that why the Majority side is fighting against the Bill. The excuse given today that the Chairman of the Committee is not in the Chamber so we can’t take the amendment is alien to the practice of this House because the Ranking Member (RM) was present,” he further fumed.

The Anti-LGBTQ Bill, which proscribes the promotion, advocacy, campaigning for and any other activity that fosters the act has been in Parliament for almost three years but has not been moved.

Despite the severe punishment stated in the Bill to be meted out to such persons, the Bill, however, will provide for the protection and support for children, and persons who are victims or accused of LGBT and its related activities.

On Wednesday, when the Bill was supposed to be taken, the House was unable to do so due to the absence of the Chairman of the Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, Kwame Ayimadu-Antwi.

But Sam George couldn’t come to terms with why the Ranking Member stands in for the Chairman for government bills but same cannot be done for private members bill.

“Even government Bills, when the Chairman is not present, the RM is able to take the amendment that stand in the name of the Chairman because Amendments Committee always stand in the name of the Chairman,” he said.

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