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Accusing the National Democratic Congress for the misfortune that befell President Akufo-Addo at the Global Citizen concert is an act the NPP might have regretted following the punches being thrown at them afterwards.

A former Presidential Aide at the erstwhile Mahama administration, Larry Stan Dogbe, has said the reception the President received is just a “tip of the iceberg of the frustration and disappointment of the people of Ghana.”

He has asked the NPP and the government to open their eyes to appreciate the suffering they have subjected Ghanaians into and devise means to resolve them rather than casting unsubstantiated allegations.

Mr. Dogbe said the booing and hooting amid the “away” “away” chants speaks of the Akufo-Addo leadership as a “completely clueless, useless and incompetent administration.”

Read his full statement below:

When it first came from some of their usual noisemakers, it wasn’t worth that attention. I cannot believe, though not surprised, that a whole ruling party will put ‘pen to paper’ and make such claims!

There’s a certain reality that escapes you because of the seeming comfort one finds him/herself, and for many within the high echelons of the NPP and Government, they may not have started experiencing directly what the teeming majority are facing.

And that is because, they are all living in denial. Your own financiers, genuine business people with investments in their businesses, your relatives who do not live with you, or hardly see you, are feeling it.

This our Ghanaian economy is in tatters, as my brother Edward Omane Boamah puts it.

Stop the foolhardiness, mates. The hardship is real, and it can only increase. Nana Akufo-Addo, Bawumia and their government have absolutely no clue.

The resounding reaction of ordinary Ghanaians –not the fake and real middle class –who are feeling the brunt of the hopelessness being forced on us by a completely clueless, useless and incompetent administration, is just what it is!!!

The booing of the President off the stage, a global stage, is just a tip of the iceberg of the frustration and disappointment of the people of Ghana.

You will be ‘fooling’ yourself if you think that Saturday’s global embarrassment of Nana Addo was a political masterpiece! Check well, and you will find that the spontaneity of it, means some of your card bearing members who are now openly expressing their disgust, were the loudest.

Instead of comforting the gullible among your supporters that this was an NDC and John Mahama controlled reaction, think, think and think out of the box!

Ghana must be saved. John Mahama and the NDC will save Ghana, but it must not be crumbled to the ground before the redemption work starts. Get thinking and start a process to resolve the challenges Nana Addo and Bawumia have brought upon this country.

If there was no crisis management meeting on Sunday to discuss and begin to finally find ways towards salvaging the little that is left of the President’s image because of the poverty he has plunged our people into, then it further tells why we are here.

If all you have done as a government is to send out loud mouths with a message to bleat all over and blame the NDC and John Dramani Mahama, then I can only tell the people of Ghana that, there is no solution in sight over the remaining months of this clueless and incompetent administration.

Even at the Global Concert the Nana Addo family created their usual ‘we and them’ society. Did you see the party in the enclosed circle where together with their children and family, it was a wild party?

Before you send out noisemakers with these irritating messages, please pause to think, think, and think about the state of the people you pretend to be leading, and caring for.

Another example of just how not to respond to Crisis!!!
I thought Crisis Communications Management is taught?