Governs Kwame Agbodza is Minority Chief Whip
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The Member of Parliament for Adaklu, Kwame Governs Agbodza has commissioned a Kitchen facility for Gbekor Senior High School, Adaklu, in the Volta Region.

This forms part of his efforts to improve on teaching and learning in the school.

Commissioning the facility, Mr Agbodza said “[we will solve the water problem] when we are able to complete phase IV of the five constituency water projects.

“Phase IV  is supposed to cover almost all the areas of Adaklu. We discussed with the school authorities to see how we can continue to support the water project.

He added “the second thing is when people are sick. As a secondary school you are supposed to have a nurse on site but because the school is not fully taken off you don’t have those facilities.'”

He assured that If the government comes to build a proper dining hall and kitchen they  can the facility.

He added “This school has been completed for some time now, and we haven’t seen any pickup. The government is neglecting Adaklu and we are not happy about it. How come schools in the country have extra buses? We are appealing to the government to stop the discrimination against Adaklu. There is no single school in Adaklu that has a single bus, when they were distributing the last batch of buses, they gave other schools extra buses.”

By Laud Nartey