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Nigeria’s Nollywood has been met with sad news again as veteran comic actor Amaechi Muonagor has passed on.

Amaechi, known for his famous comic roles, passed away after a protracted battle with kidney disease, diabetes, and stroke. Amaechi passed away at age 62.

The tragic news of Muonagor’s death was reported on the evening of Sunday, March 24, 2024.

Amaechi Muonagor’s death comes barely a week after he appealed for financial assistance for a kidney transplant in Indi a in a viral video on social media.

In a viral video on social media, the renowned actor was seen lying on a bed while his colleague actor Kingsley Orji was with him, and he made a heartfelt plea on his behalf.

Orji revealed that Muonagor recently left the teaching hospital on his own account due to financial difficulties, even though he was still in critical need of medical care.

Nollywood actor Amaechi Muonagor appeals for funds to undergo kidney transplant in India

The illness has significantly impacted his speech, prompting the urgent need for a kidney transplant surgery.

“It has been a challenging journey. Amaechi has been battling this condition for months now, and the situation has worsened. He urgently needs to undergo a kidney transplant in India.

“Although he recently left the ICU at Nnewi Teaching Hospital due to financial limitations, his condition remains critical. His speech is impaired, and he requires immediate assistance,” Orji expressed looking worried.

The actor joins a list of other Nollywood veterans who have passed away. The most notable was the death of John “Mr Ibu” Okafor on March 2, who lost his leg due to a prolonged illness.

By Rapael Ghartey