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What appears never to have happened in Ghana before is the pouring of libation in church, a deed which has been broken by a female pastor to the astonishment of many.

Rev. Comfort Allotey, the founder and leader of the Light Manifestation Centre, has poured libation to the gods in honour of God.

The libation, according to Rev. Allotey, was to offer thanksgiving to God for adding another year to her age.

According to her, she turned 38 on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, the reason she performed the right inside her church building.

During her libation, Rev. Allotey indicated that it is because many have refused to share what they have with the gods of the land that they are facing difficulties in life.

The woman of God held the destinies of many are in the hands of spirits and until they share  what they have with them, things may not be well with them.

She explains the challenges people encounter in their marriage, finances, businesses and other aspects of life is as a result of being misery and refusing to share in their fruits with the gods.

The libation was done in two phases, with the first one being the pouring of hard liquor, and the other following with a soft drink.

Maame Connie, as she affectionately called, told a youtube streamed Puretvonline that although she is a woman of God, she pours libation as reverence and acknowledgement to the gods and gives her all to God.