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A man believed to be in his late forties (40s) has allegedly died and risen six times in Kenya. This has led to him being set ablaze in his house by residents of his community after accusing him of witchcraft.

Narrating his story in a video shared on X by @VideosVuvu, the man who is now seen as a “serious problem” by some of his neighbours say there was a point in time where he was bitten by a snake, and without help from anyone, the venom of the serpent had spread into his body at the time he made it to the hospital, leading to one of his deaths.

He said he spent three days at the morgue where his family planned for his burial and funeral rites. However, on the day his body was retrieved from the morgue, he rose again.

A friend who was part of the delegation that went to retrieve his remains at the mortuary said “often when I think about what happened that day, I feel scared again. We all thought it was over since it had been three days. We went to the morgue to bring him for burial but we found him looking alive. Some of us were in shock because it was hard to believe. But we saw it with our own eyes.”

The friend continued that the mysterious occurrences didn’t stop there. According to him, “months later, he fell into a toilet pit and was taken out dead. But then he got up again. Everyone run away in fear and now, whenever we see him, we run because we can’t believe he is human.”

That was the fifth time the man had died and come back to life, according to reports. Residents started giving him ill treatment as a result of his inability to die. Some said he was a sorcerer, whilst others said it was a special protection he was enjoying from God.

Some, however, began seeing him as a “serious problem” according his account, with the residents themselves trying to take his life.

“I continued to live but I felt that there was something wrong with my life. Every time I died and came back, my body felt very strange. Finally, people came to my house claiming I was a great witch in our area and set the house on fire, trapped inside, I had no way to escape. The smoke made it impossible to breath. And though some good people came to help, they found me dead,” he disclosed about his six death.

He continued that “I woke up again in the hospital morgue. By this time, my brothers and others started saying that I was no ordinary person and could not die unless God willed it.”

Meanwhile, the man said his situation might have been so because of a story he heard of his grandfather who died and rose again.